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Accounting for Bloggers

I love reading blogs. I love the variety of topics. I love the inspiration. I love thinking I can recreate the ideas. I love seeing glimpses of other people’s lives. also love my profession of accounting, taxes and bookkeeping. But, I discovered that most accounting blogs are written for other accountants. I want to help people become an accountant for their own business. You are invested in making your own business successful.

My blog includes ideas, tutorials and excel templates to help you with your own accounting. You don’t need to buy  Quick Books or other expensive accounting software.

Yes, you will probably still want to have someone complete your taxes at the end of the year but you will save money by having all of your expenses organized. If you hand your accountant a box of receipts, they will charge you for organizing those and calculating which expenses you can use. If you have the tools and know what expenses to give your accountant, you will save money.

You can also make sure to deduct all of your expenses. For instance, if you buy items at a department store, your accountant will likely assume that to be clothing. Usually, clothing is not deductible. But, if you were purchasing items to use in your business, you can tell your accountant what the expense is for.

I think everyone can become an accountant, especially with their own business. Having an organized system to track your income and expenses, will save you time and money at tax time. Good luck with your business.




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