5 Ways Meal Planning Will Save You Time.

Meal planning can save you lots of money. It is also good for your health. But, I’m a busy mom with four kids and want help you see all the benefits. So, today I’ll share my top time-saving tips for meal planning. These take more time upfront. But, once you get a system in place meal planning and grocery shopping will be quick and easy.

Simplify. Look at the nights you know you need some quick and easy. Plan ahead and do batch cooking on the weekend. Having meat pre-cooked saves a lot of time on those busy nights during the week. It takes a lot less time to precook your meat in a big batch and only wash the dishes once.

Know your habits. Meal planning helps you see your habits and know your go-to meals. Your dinner habits are different then mine. You will start to see what days you will cook and what days you could plan leftovers or simple meals. Know your go-to meals. If you have ingredients for a few simple meals available, you won’t be looking in the kitchen trying to decide something to cook. You can think about the meal before you get home, pull out the ingredients, and get cooking.

Reuse menus. I reuse menus almost every month. My family likes about thirty meals. So, I just copy and paste my previous month’s menu. I always adjust and add things here and there.

Shop less and organize shopping trips. You shop less when you have a menu planned. You don’t need to stop at the store every day to buy ingredients for whatever you decided to cook at the last minute.

Menu planning really does save time, money, and blesses your health. What are your favorite ways to save time when you meal plan?

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Photo by Artem Riasniansky


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