Meeting Financial Goals With Your Partner

two person walking on the train rail

Have you noticed that your partner and you spend money differently? I think most couples do. What are the strengths of your money personality and how can you work with other money personalities to have a great budgeting outcome for your family?

  1. Carefree. A carefree personality can make goals and stick to them. Make goals and progress toward them slowly. Allow yourself or your partner flexibility. A very rigid budget will be hard to maintain.
  2. Big Spender. A big spender will want to focus on big purchases. Make goals to when you and your partner can make these big purchases. Make goals and stay focused on getting quality when you can afford these big-ticket items.
  3. Frugal. This person will want to reach money goals quickly. Add savings goals even when you’re paying off debt. A frugal person will want to see progress in saving money. Write it down to prove to both you and your partner how much progress you are making.
  4. Generous. Generosity is a wonderful quality. It can be frustrating when you’re trying to focus and get debt paid off or save money. But, you should allow the generous partner some flexibility to still do these things.
  5. Secure. The secure person will be focused on long-term security. If one of the partners has a secure personality, you need to have an emergency savings that is comfortable for both of you.

No matter your personality type, you need to be willing to work with your partner and find ways to meet both of your goals. You can do this at the same time or agree to work on one goal for some time and then move to the other goal. Agreeing on a plan to reach common goals is very important but you can reach them by working together.


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